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Benefits of Post-tensioned Slab

Longer spans

Post-tensioning creates active forces to slab. It is not uncommon to construct post-tensioned slab for span up to 25 m or above. This unique characteristics cannot be obtained by concrete slab with passive rebar.

thinner slab with flat soffit

It is very common to build up flat plate building using post-tensioned slab. The thickness of PT slab can be 20-30% less than that of conventional RC slab. It is typical that more stories can be constructed by using PT slab as compared with slab-beam system.

Less materials and less weight

Due to less thickness provided by post-tensioned slab, the concrete quantity is much reduced. The mild steels are replaced by high strength PC strands which are pre-cut from the factory, so waste is much less.

Reduce seismic forces

As the mass of slab is reduced, seismic forces acting to the building are proportionally less. This saves the construction cost for shear walls and lateral moment frames as well as foundations.

less cracks

By apply post-tensioning, it means we apply pre-compression to hardened concrete. This pre-compression enhances tensile stress of weak concrete, so it can withstand greater tensile stress and reduce cracks. Post-tensioning also enhances water tightness and blast-resistance to special structures.

Deflection-free slab

Post-tensioning creates uplift force to slab due to straightening of tendon. This uplift force counteracts to slab weight. When properly adjusted, the deflection-free slab can be built. This also minimizes long-term deflection due to sustained load which is a major problem of conventional RC slab.

Reduce construction time

Typical construction cycle for post-tensioned slab building is around 5-7 days per storey. This is less than half when compare to that of RC buildings. For high rise buildings, the total construction time can be saved for weeks or months upon the number of stories to be built.

cost effectiveness

Post-tensioned slab is cheaper than RC slab for nearly any span lengths. Both material cost and workmanship can be reduced as far as the construction go for larger area or taller.

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