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Post-tensioned Box Slab

Optimized for Industrial Slab

Understanding Box Slab Technology and Its Uses**NEW**

Box slab technology is a new way to build things that's both smart and good for the environment. Here's a simple breakdown of what it is and why it's great:

**1. Lightweight but Strong:**

A box slab is made by putting a plastic box or foam inside a concrete slab. This makes the slab lighter but it can still hold a lot of weight. It's like making the slab strong without making it heavy.

**2. Special Design Inside:**

Inside the slab, there are spaces that look like a waffle. This is done by putting boxes in the concrete. These spaces are filled with prestressed tendons to make the slab even stronger and free of deflection.

**3. Much Lighter than Regular Slabs:**

A box slab is about 35% lighter than a normal solid slab, but it's just as strong. This means you get a slab that's more cost-friendly but doesn't lose any strength.

**4. Smart Layout:**

The way the box slab is designed is very clever. It's made so that it's easy to put in special materials that make it strong (these are called Prestressing materials). This design saves money and keeps the slab strong.

**5. Good for the Planet:**

Using a box slab is better for the environment. It reduces the amount of carbon footprint by 10 times. This is a big step towards building things in a way that's better for our planet.

**6. Great for Industrial Use:**

Box slabs are especially good for industrial floors. They save money and last a long time, which is perfect for places like factories or warehouses.


Box slab technology is a smart way to build that saves money, is strong, and is better for the environment. It's a great choice for many building projects, especially in industrial settings. This technology is changing the way we think about building and shows how we can make strong structures while caring for our planet.

Post-tensioned Box Slab *NEW*: Product

Optimized for your projects

Our PT Box slab design implements advanced optimization algorithms to assure efficient engineering design.

Post-tensioned Box Slab *NEW*: Image
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